Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Noi som tum

There is a very popular som tum place near our office and it is called Noi som tum. It is so good that the whole department wants to join when we decide to eat at Noi som tum.

Noi som tum is actually on the sidewalk. We had to get the table and chairs ourselves and set them up. The ambiance is street view and the decor is....basic.

This is where the delicious food is beautifully displayed to temp us.

The famous grill. It has grilled hundreds of delicious chicken, fish and pork.

The famous kitchen and the chefs busy making the food.

The main dinning area.

The first dish was grilled pork neck. The juiciest & most tender pork neck around. It was so good that we ordered four plates. Yes; my department eat like pigs.

The next dish was grilled chicken wings. Probably the smallest chicken we have seen in a long time. Though not a lot of meet on the wings, the chicken wings were succulent and tasty.

The next dish was cat fish larb. This has to be one of my favourite Isaan dishes; the cat fish was very moist. The combination of all the ingredients gave this larb loads of texture and flavours.

The next dish was herb & mushroom soup. The most bizarre dish we ordered and my least favourite. However; I did appreciate the uniqueness of this dish. It is a soup that is made with tons of local herbs that is cooked for a long time. That is why the colour of the soup is a deep forest green. The smell of the soup is the key aspect that turned some of us off from liking the soup.

The next dish was som tum Thai with salty egg. I really liked this version. The som tum had the perfect blend of sour, sweet, acidity, spicy and salty. The dish had loads of texture and colour. Really yummy.

The next dish was mushroom soup. A basic soup with mushrooms but the broth had such intense flavour. The different types of mushrooms gave really nice texture.

The next dish was spicy pork tok. The pork was so tender and juicy. The cooked pork was sliced into bite - size pieces and mixed with lemon juice, fish sauce, ground dried chillies, ground roasted rice, sliced shallots and mint leaves. This dish was lovely.

The last dish was grilled chicken. Of course; we could not have som tum without the grilled chicken. The chicken was grilled to perfection. It was tender and juicy. The chicken had a very nice taste from the marinade and the grilling.

Overall; Noi's som tum is a hit with everyone.

Sathorn Rd. (will get the exact soi for you very soon, so that you can try how good Noi's place is)


prayer.t said...

narathiwas soi 10.
yumm best pork neck EVER!

Steve J said...

WOW This place looks great.
Does anybody have the address for this place? Pretty sure it will be very hard to find by the road alone.