Thursday, May 13, 2010


The other day we visited Nihonmachi Mall which is next to the very very popular K-Village. Nihomachi Mall comprises mostly of Japanese restaurants, one or two Korean restaurants, several bakeries & cafés and other shops...all dedicated to serve the Japanese community. It is less busy than K-Village and much easier to park.

We had dinner at Nihonmachi Mall a couple nights ago and noticed Tokujo. It looked interesting and was full of people eating, so we decided to try it some other night.

Tokujo is a Japanese grill and shabu shabu restaurant. The decor is mostly of wood and stone. The main colours are browns, blacks and khakis.

We started with a tekka maki. The tuna was a nice & bright burgundy colour and had a good taste. The rice was cooked nicely and was moist and sticky. They passed our tekka maki test.

The tongue dish.

The mixed vegetable dish.

The beef dish.

The chicken dish.

The pork dish.

The waitress was so nice to grill all our dishes for us. We said that we could do it but she insisted to do it for us. Very kind of her. The meats were of very good quality. The marinade made the meats tasty. The system they use is also very good; we did not smell like grilled food when we left the restaurant.

Overall, the meats are very good and they were priced very reasonably (we actually thought it was cheap). The ambiance is easy going and the service is very helpful and friendly.

Two very annoying things about Tokujo:
1. The television that was hanging on the wall with a soap opera blaring over the dining room was not necessary and a waste of space. The only reason a television is on in a restaurant is not for the customers but is mainly to entertain the staff. This is a ridiculous thing to have in a restaurant. Luckily for us the staff was not really interested in the soap opera and were actually paying attention to the customers.

2. The very very very annoying kids (two young girls) running back and forth in the restaurant in their pajamas and screaming the whole time. We had no idea who they are; either kids of the owner or staff, it does not matter. They should not be allowed to bother the customers. What was also annoying was that the staff thought it was very normal....uuummmmhhh; no it is not normal to have kids terrorizing the dinning room of a restaurant.

NIHONMACHI Mall, 115 Sukhumvit 26
Bangkok, 10110

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