Tuesday, May 11, 2010

WTF (Wonderful Thai Friendship)

We know people who recently opened their own bar, café & art gallery. We met 'Chris' several months ago at a Vietnamese restaurant for dinner and he explained to us about their concept. We thought it was a great idea. At the same dinner; Chris tried our wines and he liked them. He said that when he opened his café & art gallery, he would like to have our wines in his place. We thought that was nice of him to say that.

That was several months ago and we were wondering if they ever opened their dream café & art gallery. Then; recently we read about WTF in the newspaper and it had a good review of the place. We decided we had to go see what WTF was all about.

The café is in a four storey shop house in an alley way next to Sukhumvit Rd. The shop house has the typical shape of being long & narrow. The first floor is the bar/ café and the smallest kitchen I have ever seen. The second & third floor is used for displaying the art.

The atmosphere was buzzing with trendy youngish people. The decor is basic but done well. The lights are dim and lit candles added ambiance. The music selection is very good and played at a reasonable level that you can still have a conversation.

Since the kitchen of WTF is actually more of a kitchenette; it is only logical that WTF only served tapas.

The bar...before it got very very busy.

Here is a information that I copied from the WTF website explaining the concept their place:

'WTF – a refuge of a bar with cool drinks, great tapas and interesting art. It aims to be a creative social club, with a multi-tasking concept; Food-Drink-Art-Friendship. We aim to host the most imaginative local and international art talent, while cultivating the good-times experience of bistro-bar culture in Bangkok.'

Sounds very good; doesn't it?

The second floor with the art installations.

The first dish was spinach salad with feta cheese and pistachio. Very fresh ingredients, nicely presented and tasted very nice.

The second dish was fried rice in pandan leaf. This was highly recommended; so we took their advice. Normally; this dish is made with steamed glutinous rice, but the WTF version was with fried rice...cooked with Chinese sausage, chopped Chinese mushrooms, chopped barbecue pork, dried shrimp, peanuts and lotus seed. A very nice idea and it was very tasty.

The next dish was mozzarella cheese & tomato salad. The cheese & tomato had a nice soft texture. The combination of mozzarella, tomato and basil was very good.

The next dish was spicy meatballs. The meatballs were of good quality, they had good texture and were cooked nicely. The sauce was indeed spicy but did not ruin our taste buds.

The next dish was broiled egg with anchovy. Another dish that was highly recommended. Overall; a nice dish but the egg was over cooked. Since the egg was over cooked, the egg was hard & dry & when it was suppose to be gooey soft & moist. However; the toppings of peas, tomato and anchovy added very nice texture and flavour.

WTF is a very funky hang out. It has very nice cocktails, good tapas, great ambiance, a really great art scene, very friendly service and the prices are very reasonable. WTF is worth a try. It is very unique for the Sukhumvit area.

Alley 7 Sukhumvit soi 51
Bangkok, 10110


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we just went back for one quick drink after dinner!