Sunday, May 23, 2010

Miyatake (Gourmet Market)

My friend had lunch at Miyatake MBK and told me that we must try it because the tuna is so so good. Miyatake already has a very good reputation in town for serving very good tuna; however, they are also known not to be on the cheap side. Miyatake already has several branches in town. The ones I can think of are in the Fuji supermarkets. We knew that a Miyatake just opened inside the new Gourmet Market in K-Village; so, our destination was K-Village for lunch.

As usual; K-Village was amazingly busy. Parking was almost impossible to find, but we were lucky in finding one right away. Miyatake is in the middle of the new Gourmet Market, which not difficult to find. Apparently, some people had the same idea as us to have lunch at Miyatake that day. There are not many seats available at the counter, but we were lucky that a couple was paying their bill.

There are several choices on the menu; but Miyatake is famous for their fresh fish, either for the sashimi, sushi or don sets. We enjoyed sitting at the counter because we could see all the action in the kitchen.

The first dish was the avocado, ebi & maguro don. The ebi and maguro had wonderful colour, texture and were amazingly fresh and tasty. We were disappointed with the avocado; not because it was not fresh or that it did not taste good, which it did. It had toooo much mayonaise...yuck. It really ruined the appearance and the overall taste of the avocado.

The second dish was maguro/ toro don. The tuna was prepared three different ways. This dish was absolutely wonderful. The tuna had wonderful colour and textures and it tasted so so good.

Overall; both dishes were fantastic. The ingredients were fresh & tasty. Both dishes had a kilo of rice underneath the tuna that we could not even eat it all. Both dishes were also accompanied with miso soup.

The only complaint was from my friend who said that the portions at the MBK branch were much more generous. I have not been to the MBK branch, but I have to agree that the bowls that the food was served in was in the small side. Especially when, the maguro/ toro don dish was 450 baht.

The bright and open space of Gourmet Market. We like the idea of the new Gourmet Market. This hall is only for fresh products & produce as well as the restaurant counters. While on the other side of the mall are the non-fresh products.

Sukhumvit Soi 26
Klongton, Klongtoey, Bangkok, 10110
02-258 9919

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