Sunday, May 16, 2010


We wanted to try a Japanese curry house at the Nihonmachi Mall. It was around 14:00; which is late for lunch but we thought the curry house would be open. To our dismay; most restaurants at Nihonmachi Mall were closed already. However; we found Gyunoya to be opened. There was a Japanese family and a single Japanese man eating; since we were very hungry, we decided it cannot be that bad if there were Japanese eating at Gyunoya.

The decor is very minimalist & bare. The only things decorating the place are the menus hanging on the wall on both sides. There are only wooden counters to eat on and stools to sit on.

The first dish was the Pork Bowl. The pork was bland and the meat was of ok quality.

The second dish was the Tendon Bowl (tempura on rice bowl). We agreed that this had to be the WORST tempura we have ever had in Bangkok. I never thought anyone would murder tempura like at Gyunoya. The tempura was so oily and soggy, it was actually disgusting. I have no idea how they deep fried the tempura but they need to open a cook book and learn how to do so right away.

The next dish was Beef Curry Rice. I had to search high and low for the beef. I actually could count the pieces of beef I found (about 4). What a waste of time and space this dish was. The curry tasted like it came from a box; which I do not mind. I could have bought the box myself and made it. But; the reason why I go to a restaurant is because I am willing to pay for something better than I can make and this was NOT it.

Overall; the food was not good. The service is ok; but there was a male member of the staff, chit chatting with his girlfriend who was sitting on a stool near the kitchen. While the other staff members were working; he just stood there and talked. A very rude person. However; what was more strange was that the boss (a Japanese man), just stood there and allowed it. Either the boss was oblivious to it or he condoned it. But, if I was the boss; I would have warned the guy or kicked his butt out of the place immediately.

The only redeeming factor of our lunch at Gyunoya was that the prices were very reasonable. For example, the pork bowl was only 80 baht. But; even at these prices, we for sure will not return.

115 Nihonmachi Mall (next to K-Village)
Sukhumvit soi 26
Bangkok, 10110

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