Thursday, May 20, 2010


This is a post to say farewell to Lenôtre on Thonglor. Lenôtre finally closed its doors at the Penny Corner Mall. I am sad to see it go because they had really really yummy pastries. This was probably the best French pastry shop in the area and maybe even in Bangkok.

Lenôtre was in a nice space facing Thonglor road. Lots of light coming in from the large glass windows. The decor was simple because the pastries were the highlight.

Every time I entered Lenôtre, I wanted to eat something. My friends are not dessert people; however, I always dragged them into the place so that I can have something sweet to eat.

The selection of pastries were always beautifully displayed. The choices were amazing.

Lenôtre exactly made the pastries like they make them in France. We were always guaranteed the authentic French taste.

When they were open at the Emporium, I used to run there every Friday to buy croissants for the weekend breakfast. I always had to be fast because they ran out of croissants by noon time. That was how good they were.

The first dessert was the Chocolate Eclair.

The second dessert was a Raspberry Dome.

The third dessert was the Pear Tart.

The fourth dessert was the Chocolate Box.

All the desserts were beautifully made, they were all so delicious and made from the finest ingredients. I now have to go hunting for another pastry shop that makes pastries as good as Lenôtre. So so sad.

(I think the only Lenôtre left in Bangkok is at the Paragon Mall)


Pruaksa said...

There is another one (I believe this one is the 1st) in Langsuan. On the ground floor of Natural ville Apartment.

Webmaster said...

I can confirm there is one on Soi Langsuan, as is there one on the ground floor of the Sofitel Hotel on Silom road.