Friday, May 21, 2010


We always enjoyed the Nara restaurant in the Erawan. But due to being so busy and the latest chaos from the Red Shirts. We were not able to go to the Erawan to enjoy the yummy noodle soups from the Nara.

Until now! They finally opened another Nara on Thonglor in the 8Thonglor Building which is much closer to my home. We were so happy when the doors finally opened. The decor is eclectic with motifs of birds and trees covering the walls. The main colours are purples, lavenders and blacks. The space is very large & long. There are so many tables that you will be assured to have a table any time.

The first dish was som tum with crispy pork. The som tum was so fresh. There was tons of textures from the crispy green papaya & carrots, peanuts and crispy pork. The taste was a very nice combination of sour, sweet, spicy & acidity. The crispy pork skin was so crispy and the meat was so usual the som tum was so so good.

The first soup was Kuay Tiew Som Tum. I ordered the soup with sen mee. The soup had amazing and well balanced flavours...sour, sweet, tangy and sour. The soup had loads of fresh pork, pork balls, ground pork and topped with crispy pork skin. The soup had extra texture from the crispy green beans & crushed peanuts. A really yummy soup.

The next soup was Kuay Tiew Sukhothai. My friend also ordered the soup with sen mee. The Sukothai soup had shrimp balls, roast pork & pork ribs. The soup also had a spicy tom yum. The soup had crispy green beans and crushed peanuts for added texture. This was a more complex soup than the Tom Yum. On top of all that...the soup was accompanied with deep fried wonton skin and green leaves. An amazing soup. One of my favourites.

For dessert; I had chao kuai (black grass jelly in syrup & ice). This is just a refreshing dessert on a hot day. It was light and very tasty. My friend can never understand how I can eat such an unattractive dessert. However; I never judge a book by its cover. A simple and tasty dessert.

Overall; the Thai food is very good at Nara. We had a discussion with a friend once who did not like Nara because he considered Nara a Thai restaurant for foreigners. Meaning that Nara does not have authentic taste and the food has been modified to please the foreigner's taste. This is were we had to disagree. We were introduced to Nara by Thai friends who we consider to be foodies and we trust them when it comes to food. We think that the Thai food at Nara to be very delicious and authentic in taste. On top of having very good food; the service is so professional and friendly, the ambiance is relaxing & comfortable and the prices are reasonable.

We are very happy.

88 Thonglor Soi 8
Bangkok, 10110

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