Friday, May 07, 2010

Seafood Bar

We heard that the Seafood Bar was celebrating Cinco de Mayo by having a special menu consisting of recipes of Southwestern seafood dishes. We have not yet been to the Seafood Bar (but we have been to the Oyster Bar many times), so it was the perfect time to try the new restaurant as well as we wanted to try the Cinco de Mayo special dishes.

The Seafood Bar has taken over the space in the Somerset Lake Point serviced residences where Wyndham Thai Restaurant used to be (the very expensive Thai restaurant that no one went to). The space is huge. The tables are nicely spaced so that everyone can have their private conversations. The decor is pretty basic with blue lights adding some atmosphere. The very fresh oysters and seafood are the stars of the place.

The Seafood Bar is very well known in town for their selection of oysters from around the world. Mr. Bill is a guru of oysters; his knowledge of oysters is amazing and he can talk about oysters all day long. He was very generous and kind to offer us a platter of different types of oysters. As usual; they were very fresh and tasty.

The first dish from the special Cinco de Mayo menu we ordered was the fish tacos. The only time I ever had fish tacos was when I was in San Diego for business and I was not impressed. However; we really really liked these fish tacos. The combination of the fried fish, creamy avocado, lettuce, sour cream, a squeeze of lime and the soft taco shell...all was absolutely wonderful. We ordered a second serving.

The next dish was smoked marlin enchiladas. The filling of smoked marlin was so so delicious. The sauce and cheese that was covering the soft enchilada shell was an amazing taste sensation of sweet, sour, tangy and spicy. We almost ordered another one but we stopped ourselves.

The next dish was bay shrimp relleno - white beans, bacon, sweet corn cream. There was a problem with this dish. The bay shrimp, white beans, bacon and sweet corn cream was out of this world. This is a dish that we rarely eat and its a treat to get something like this in Bangkok. However; the filling was sitting inside a large green bell pepper instead of a poblano chili peppers. We were looking to have that wonderful chili flavour. Instead; we feel that the green pepper somehow ruined the dish flavour wise. The explanation for this was that the poblano chili peppers did not arrive in Bangkok and they could not find chillies large enough for this dish; so they replaced it with green peppers.

The next dish was scallop ceviche with mango & lime puree. The combination of the scallop with the mango & lime puree was heaven. The textures and flavours of this dish was explosive. So yummy.

The next dish was grilled mahi mahi with spicy black beans and mango. This dish is a fantastic example of how the Seafood Bar is an expert of how to cook seafood. The mahi mahi was cooked perfectly and it tasted wonderful. Simple served with some sides to add extra flavour. Nothing fancy; just pure tastes. The spicy black bean was a very nice side and the mango was a great contrast to the spiciness of the beans. Well thought out and executed.

The dessert was chocolate mousse with a chili and green lime whipped cream. The chocolate was dense; thick & creamy and had a lovely taste. The chili and green whipped cream had the intense taste of chili and lime. The combination with the chocolate was so good.

The private room for big parties.

Overall; the service at the Seafood Bar is very good and friendly. The prices are pretty good for such fresh & rare seafood that you cannot get anywhere else in Bangkok. They also serve very good wines by the glass at very reasonable prices. will always be the fresh seafood that shines in our eyes. The creativity of the chefs are amazing and the flavours they bring out of their dishes are so wonderful. No wonder the Oyster Bar & the Seafood Bar have such a strong following.

41/2 Somerset Lake Point
Sukhumvit soi 16
Bangkok, 10110

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