Sunday, May 09, 2010

Wine Bar @ Pullman Hotel

Our friend was very kind to have invited us to have dinner with him at the Wine Bar at the Pullman Hotel. They had a special 'Cinco de Mayo' menu; so of course we were eager to try the Mexican specialties.

We consider the Pullman Wine Bar to be the best wine bar in town. The place is huge in terms of space & volume. The atmosphere has a lively vibe to it due to the crowd as well as the special DJ playing loungy music. The concept is unique for Bangkok and that is why is it so successful.

The first dish was nachos grande. For some odd reason, I really like nachos. There is nothing really special about nachos since its just corn chips topped with some goodies; but, a good nachos is really yummy. This one was simple and good. The combination of the melted cheese, fresh avocado, sour cream and tomatoes and of course the corn chips was a very nice starter.

The next dish was pulled beef burrito. The burrito was round, plump and thick. I am not an expert when it comes to Mexican food; but I think these are all good attributes for a good burrito. The burrito was lightly covered with a spicy tomato sauce and sour cream. The pulled beef stuffing was really tasty. The burrito was hearty and filling.

The next dish was chili con carne. The portion of the chili con carne could have been bigger but non-the-less it tasted very nice. It was slightly spicy; and it was full of minced beef and beans. A really nice combination. It was so good that we put it all on the nachos. It actually tasted very good with the nachos.

The next dish was pulled pork tacos. The shell was crispy (I still cannot decide if I prefer soft or crispy taco shells; I guess I will have to keep eating both until I make up my mind), and the combination of the tender pulled pork, fresh avocado, sour cream and diced tomatoes made for a really good taco. I could have had more but I did not want our host to think that I was a pig.

The first dessert was churros y chocolate. We rarely find churros y chocolate in Bangkok. So, when we do find it, we must eat it. The churros were deep fried to a light golden brown. They were lightly crispy on the outside and very soft & tender inside. After dipping the churros into the chocolate; the combination was real stunner. Really yummy.

The next dessert was chocolate mousse. The thick, rich and creamy chocolate mousse was really tasty. Nicely prepared and served.

The huge choices of cheeses, pates and chacuterie. One of the great concepts of the wine bar.

The wine bar has a strong following because it has a product that is very very good. The atmosphere is lively, the staff is amazingly friendly & professional, the food quality is tops, the food is very tasty, the wine selection is incredible and the prices are all net and very very reasonable. So many good things that keep the customers happy and loyal.

8/2 Rangnam Road, Thanon Phayathai
Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400