Sunday, May 02, 2010

Aqua (Four Seasons)

We decided to meet up for lunch at Aqua; the very poplular and chic outdoor bar in the evenings of the Four Seasons hotel. However; during the day, it is a calm oasis for outdoor dinning.

Aqua is situated in the garden atrium of the hotel. Aqua has their own menu for lunch; but you can also order food from either Madison (the steak restaurant), Spices (the Thai restaurant), Biscotti (the Italian restaurant) or Shintaro (the Japanese restaurant).

While reading the menu; you are offered Japanese crackers to munch on.

We were not feeling too hungry so we ordered light dishes. The first dish was egg noodle, shrimp wonton & red pork soup. The soup was good; but we had better. The noodles, shrimp wonton & red pork were of good quality and had good taste as well.

The second dish was pad thai. The pad thai came enclosed in a beatiful egg nest. We sliced open the egg nest in half and inside the lovely warm pad thai awaits. Once we added a little fish sauce, chili pepper & peanuts...the pad that was really yummy.

We sat next to the koi pond and beautiful lush garden. Aqua is really a nice place to have lunch. Typical of the Four Seasons; the service is impeccable and friendly.

We also like eating in the restaurants of the Four Seasons because we have the 'Four Seasons Card'; where we get 50% off in any of the restaurants. When you eat out as much as we do; the card is payed off right away. It's really a great deal.

(I do have to mention that this lunch did occur before the 'Red Shirt' protests in Bangkok. The Four Seasons is closed right now due to the Red Shirt in the area. No one has an idea when the hotel will open again).

155 Rajadamri Road
Bangkok 10330

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