Monday, May 10, 2010

NYCC New York Cheesecake

We decided to go to a very unique place to eat sandwich. Yes; you read right, we went out of our way to go eat a sandwich. NYCC New York Cheesecake recently opened and it is the buzz in Bangkok. People are talking about it for one thing...their 'cheesecakes'. My friend tells me that the cheesecakes are flown in every week. That is hard for me to believe; but it does not matter what I believe. Everyone else believes it. That is the reason people are swarming to NYCC.

I call it a the 'place' because its not really a restaurant. Its more like a box in the middle of the new Design Center. It has only five tables inside and five tables outside (it was waaaaaay too hot sit outside). NYCC has only five sandwiches to choose from.

The first sandwich was the pastrami sandwich. I think this is the only place in Bangkok that makes pastrami sandwich. That was the main reason why we had lunch at NYCC. The sandwich is ENORMOUS. There is no way to eat the thing with your hands like a normal sandwich. We needed a knife and fork to eat the monster. The pastrami tasted really good. Apparently, they also fly in the pastrami.

The next sandwich was the chicken & bacon sandwich. Another huge tower of a sandwich. The chicken and bacon were of good quality.

And for the finally; the famous cheesecake. We cannot believe the portions served at NYCC. We noticed that the table next to us ordered one cheesecake for a family of five. Yes...five! There were three of us but we were not too worried that we could not finish the thing. The cheesecake was thick, rich, dense and creamy. All the great attributes of a New York cheesecake. I see why the Thais are all in love with NYCC cheesecake.

The entrance to NYCC.

The sandwiches at NYCC are huge and filling. They are also very good. They also have an egg or tuna salad sandwich to choose from (I cannot remember the last choice for sandwich).

There are several types of cheesecakes to choose from; but my friend says the normal one is the best. I saw every type of cheesecake being served so I think everyone has their favourite cheesecake already.

You will not believe the amount of people entering and exiting NYCC. We had lunch for about an hour and within that time span, we could not keep up with the amount of sandwiches and cheesecakes being served or being ordered to take home.

NYCC is a goldmine and we were all very jelous of the smart person who opened the place. However; good for them and good for us because now we can get New York style cheesecake and pastrami sandwiches. Who needs to visit New York City now?

Crystal Design Center (CDC)
Between Building B&D

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