Thursday, April 01, 2010

72 Ekamai

There is a very cool place very close to our home. The place is called 72 Ekamai. The property offers boutique hotel-like accommodations in a 4-story, retro-inspired design, plus an outdoor lounge/ bar/ restaurant. All this tucked behind a cozy path on Ekamai Road (between soi 4 and soi 6). 72ekamai is a short, 5 minute walk to Sukhumvit Road and the Ekamai BTS Station.

The owners are a very nice Thai couple who lived in America for several years. When they returned to Bangkok, they decided to take over this old apartment building and turned it into a very cool retro looking hotel & lounge.

The swimming pool is the center point of the lounge/ bar/ restaurant. The ambiance is very nice sitting outside under the stars, large trees and lights shimmering and the reflections of light from the swimming pool.

We ordered a lot of food, a mix of foreign and Thai food.

The first dish was seafood salad. The seafood was fresh and the flavours of the herbs came through. A simple but good dish.

The next dish was grilled pork salad. Another salad but this time with grilled pork. The pork was juicy and the base of the sauce was the same and it blended well with the pork.

The next dish was spicy prawn spaghetti. This spaghetti was awesome. The spicyness and extra flavours of sweet Thai basil and herbs was just great. I need to learn how to make this dish so that I can eat it more often.

The next dish was grilled beef. The beef was very tender and the herbs and lemon & lime sauce added wonderful taste to the dish.

The next dish was deep fried chicken wings. For some odd reason, I think the Thais make the best deep fried chicken wings. No matter where I go, and order this dish, it always turns out so yummy. The chicken wings were were very good.

The next dish was deep fried fish salad. This dish was so good that we ordered another one. The mixture of flavours and textures. The fish was very tasty with so much herbs and lemon grass.

The next dish was baked spinach parmesan. The spinach and parmesan was a good combination; had good texture and taste.

The next dish was grilled chicken. The chicken was good quality, tender and juicy. Simply grilled with herbs; a good dish.

The next dish was grilled duck a l'orange. The duck was tender and juicy. Cooked very nicely and the sauce was not too sweet (which is a good thing).

The last dish was margarita pizza. This was my least favourite dish. However; I was not expecting that they would make the best pizzas in town, so actually , I was not too disappointed.

The sitting area opposite the bar.

The view of one end of the outdoor sitting area.

The retro styled boutique hotel. The rooms are very spaceious and nicely decorated.

I really like this place. Its so easy going, the ambiance is really cool, the service is good, the food is not bad at all and the prices are very affordable. You cannot ask for a better place to hang out outdoors. The only small problems are that it can get very hot and you might be a target of mosquitoes. But, do not let these two minor details stop you from going to 72 Ekamai; there are lots of fans to cool you down and mosquito repellent.

Sukhumvit Soi 63, in Bangkok
100 m. from Ekkamai BTS station

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