Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Le Mimosa (St. Giraud, France)

It is our last night in Montpeyroux before we leave for Paris. The last dinner we had was at Le Mimosa. Le Mimosa is an institution when it comes to gastronomy in our area. Le Mimosa has been open now for 26 years and is owned by a wife & husband team. Chef Bridget (who is considered one of the best women chefs in the Languedoc) & David (who's knowledge of wine is amazing and has one of the best wine list any where).

However; after 26 years of cooking; chef Bridget & David have decided to retire. This has become a shock for everyone who thought that Le Mimosa would be there forever. Now everyone has been trying to reserve a table at Le Mimosa after hearing the bad news.

We took the chef's menu; meaning we left it up to chef Bridget to decide what she wanted to cook for us that evening. We also took the wine pairing; where David decided what wines would go well with the food (all the wined that David served that evening was as usual; were fantastic and accompanied the food so well). The aperitif that we were offered was a Laurens Clos des Demoiselles.

The amuse bouche was minced chicken wrapped with white rice on a bed of diced vegetables. A very nice start to your dinner. The chicken was moist & tender and had a lovely taste to it. Nice texture between the minced chicken and rice. The lovely flavours of ginger, sesame was evident.

The next dish was an assortment of seasonal vegetables on phyllo. Lovely colours & flavours of the season. The green of the asparagus, the red of the tomato, the black from the tapenade, etc. The the flavours were so subtle but so so good. We also liked the contrast of the tender & soft vegetables and the crispiness of the phyllo.

The first wine a 2008 Domaine Huet Vouvray.

The next dish was ravioli filled with goat cheese topped with morel mushrooms. The ravioli had a very nice thin skin and the filling was rich & creamy. The morels were amazingly flavourful and had a very nice texture. The combination of ravioli & morels were made in heaven.

The next wine was a 2006 Domaine de Montcalmes.

The next dish was a melange of rouget, noix de saint-jacque & loup de mer. The fish are always cooked perfectly at Le Mimosa, and the three seafood on the platter was no exception. A lovely color assemble with very nice tastes and textures from the fish. The light broth that accompanied with fish added extra flavour and moisture. So lovely.

The next wine was a 2007 Domaine de Mouscaillo.

The next dish was poulet de Bresse pot au feu. I love pot au feu. So, you can guess that I really loved this dish. A hearty and wonderful dish, the chicken was so tender and the vegetables that accompanied the dish was also so tender and tasty.

The next wine was a 1985 Hermitage Jean-Louis Chave.

I think I drank too much because I forgot to take a photo of the famous cheese trolley. However; I did remember to take a photo of my plate of cheese. The cheese was indeed very tasty.

The next wine was a 1994 Peyre Rose, Close Syrah Leone.

The sorbet was a blend of cinnamon & honey.

The dessert tray arrived. The dessert trolley is another famous attraction of Le Mimosa. The selection of desserts are very pretty and they all look so tempting even after eating so much and you do not think you can eat anymore, but we always end up having a slice of something.

I only took a orange & honey cake and the rhubarb crumble. Both were light in texture but they had so much intense flavours.

We all agreed that this was the BEST dinner we have had at Le Mimosa and we have eaten here many times. Chef Bridget outdid herself this time with her creativity, her composition of subtle & intense flavours was done perfectly and the dishes were presented beautifully.

The entrance of Le Mimosa and the outdoor swimming pool.

The outdoor dinning terrace and the front gate to enter Le Mimosa.

34725 St. Giraud
tel.: 04 67 96 67 96

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