Saturday, April 03, 2010

Melt Me

After lunch at K-Village, we decided to have dessert at the newest ice-cream & chocolate house in Bangkok. The property that Melt Me is on is owned by the Mr. Tan Passakornnatee, the founder of the Oishi Group, and it was only natural the wife of Mr. Tan opened Melt Me, a 'healthy chocolate and ice-cream shop' for kids & parents.

The decor is kind of an interpretation of Alice in Wonderland. The main colour is orange, white and chocolate brown. Free wi-fi allows people to enjoy ice-cream while surfing the internet.

The huge selection of healthy sorbets and ice creams.

We took a mixture of passion fruit and mango flavours. We have to admit that the ice cream was very tasty. They were so good that it was like biting into the real fruit itself.

Melt Me also makes chocolates based on the in-trend of Japanese chocolate at the moment in Bangkok. The Japanese chocolates are much more creamier than European chocolates because they make them with a much more percentage of cream, butter or milk. It is almost like truffles. Melt Me makes a couple version such as 'green tea' & 'dark chocolate'. We tasted the green tea version and it was awful. However, we tasted the dark chocolate and that was very good so that I bought a small box of 15 pieces for 220 baht. It is not cheap but I am weak when it comes to chocolate.

The Thais have huge a 'sweet tooth' and Melt Me has already become a very popular place to satisfy their sweet cravings. I am glad it is near my home.

159/8 Thong Lor soi 10, Sukhumvit Road
Khlong Tan Nua, Wattana, Bangkok, 10110

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