Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lunch @ La Terrasse du Mimosa (Montpeyroux, France)

It was a gorgeous sunny day and we decided to go eat lunch at La Terrasse du Mimosa. When we arrived everyone was eating outside on the terrace because of the sunny weather. We decided to eat outside as well because it was a bit chilly inside the bistro.

Sitting on the terrace of La Terrasse du Mimosa is something out of a book about living in the south of France. It is a typical scene of a small town with a cute place central, lined with trees and mountains surrounding the town. It is really charming.

For our starter we had a choice between shrimp with a garlic aioli sauce or asparagus wrapped with phyllo. We chose the asparagus. Well presented with loads of seasonal colours from the carrot, lettuce and asparagus. The mix of crispy phylo and the tender asparagus was very nice. This was truly a tasty dish.

The main dish was a choice between pork chop, sword fish or onglet boeuf. We chose the onglet. What a fantastic piece of meat. Cooked perfectly, so tender that it we did not need effort to cut it and it had a very nice taste to it. The side of pomme puree and veggies also tasted delicious.

The food was simple yet so nicely presented and tasted so good. The atmosphere was a dream and the service was friendly & impeccable.

The only bad thing about our lunch was that it was freezing cold. The sunny weather was a trick; when the famous winds of the Languedoc come swooping down from the mountains...oh-my oh-my, it is very cold. I was shivering. I think I missed my mouth several times when I tried to feed myself because I was shivering so much. However; when the winds stopped then it was fine. Then the wind would start again; playing tricks us on.

But no matter; it was still a lovely day and lunch. This will my last lunch at La Terrasse du Mimosa until I return for the harvest in September.

23 Place l'Horloge
34150 Montpeyroux
04 67 44 49 80

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