Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lao Lane Xang 2 (Paris, France)

We wanted to go to the Factory Outlet but the traffic was sooooo bad using the ring road of Paris that we decided to through Paris to get to the other side. However; the traffic through Paris was also very bad. We were in the 13th arrondissement; we were hungry so we decided to have lunch first before continuing to our destination. The 13th arrondissement is one of my favourite areas to eat in Paris. It is China/ Vietnam/ Thai/ Laoation/ Cambodian town all rolled into one. The food is so good and so affordable.

Luckily we had Thai friends who were in Paris and they ate at Lao Lane Xang 2. They told us that the food was very good. Lao Lane Xang specialises in Laotioan, Vietnamese & Thai food. They are friends who we trust about knowing about what good food is; especially Thai food.

We also read that Lao Lane Xong was very popular and had very good reviews. So, we knew where we wanted to eat.

Lao Lane Xang has really cheap lunch menus at only 10 Euros. The first choice was the Isaan menu. It was a huge plate with som-tum, sticky rice, Isaan sausage and chicken with vegetable soup. The flavours were authentic and delicious.

The second choice was the Vietnamese menu. It was a huge plate with cha gio with a nuoc mam sauce, carrot & papaya salad, stewed pork in coconut juice and rice. The food was very yummy.

I have to say; our lunch was very good. The service was very fast and efficient, the price was so affordable and the food was what I needed; simple, hearty, good authentic Asian food.

102, Avenue D'Ivry 75013
01 58 89 00 00

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