Friday, April 23, 2010

La Cagouille (Paris, France)

After visiting the airport for the status of our flight. Since it was a beautiful day in Paris; we decided to have a walk in Neuilly-sur-Seine.

Here is a good definition of Neuilly-sur-Seine I found from Wikepedia. Although Neuilly is technically a suburb of Paris, it is immediately adjacent to the city and directly extends it. The area is composed of mostly wealthy, select residential neighbourhoods, as well as the headquarters of many corporations. It is often lumped together with some areas of the neighbouring 16th arrondissement of Paris as Auteuil-Neuilly-Passy, a compendium of "bourgeois" (i.e., upscale) neighbourhoods.

Neuilly-sur-Seine is actually an island. On weekends; there are thousands of Parisians flocking to Neuilly-sur-Seine to have a walk through the lovely gardens. I personally would hate to live in some areas because you have no peace and quiet due to all the tourist (like us).

Boats along the canal. Very beautiful & peaceful.

After walking through Neuilly-sur-Seine; we went home to rest and get ready for our dinner rendez-vous. Once we arrived at the restaurant, we decided to sit outside on the terrace at La Cagouille because it was a lovely evening temperature.

The first starter was crevete grisse (gray shrimp). The deep fried gray shrimp had a very nice colour, texture and taste. You seldom find this on menus. So when you do, its a real treat.

The second starter was chou froid noix de saint jacques (scallops in cold cauliflower sauce). A unique and very nice tasting dish. The fresh thinly sliced scallops were so tasty and the sauce they were lying in gave the scallops another lovely flavour.

The next starter was calmars frit (deep fried squid with garlic & onion). The calmars were perfectly deep fried. Crispy on the outside yet tender on the inside. Very nice flavours resonating from the fried garlic and onions.

The fourth starter was filets de hareng et pommes tiedes (herring with potatoes). The fresh fillet of herring was rich & intense in flavour.

The first main dish was flanc de daurade en bouillon (sea bream in a broth). The sea bream was firm, tender and juicy. The bouillon was amazingly flavourful. A wonderful dish.

The second main dish was pavé de cabillaud crème d'ail doux(grilled cod with light garlic sauce). The cod was cooked perfectly; solid, hearty and rich in taste.

The third main dish was filets de maquereau grillé sauce moutarde (grilled mackerel with mustard sauce). The mackerel was intense in flavour, grilled perfectly and mustard sauce was the perfect match. Unbelievably good.

The fourth main dish was pavé de lieu en pot au feu (pollock pot au feu). A rich, rustic and rich dish. A huge portion as well. A great idea that turned out to be one of my favourite dishes at La Cagouille. So so delicious.

Another wonderful and delicious dinner at La Cargouille! We all at the table (and we also heard from others) that this has to be the BEST fish restaurant in Paris right now. We eat out a lot in Paris and so far in terms of seafood; no one can beat La Cargouille.

10 Place Constantin Brancusi
75014 Paris
01 43 22 09 01

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