Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Jadis (Paris, France)

We read and heard that one of the bistro's of the moment in Paris is called Jadis. Well; that meant we needed to try it. Here is one of the reasons whey we needed to try Jadis.

From www.blackbook.com

Trumpeted by Le Figaro as "the best bistrot of the fall," and by Le Fooding as the best Paris bistrot - Jadis is the newest reason to drag your ass to the fifteenth. Guillaume Delage is a young upstart with some impressive training under his toque. He paid dues at Gaya, le Pré Catelan and Michel Bras before setting up shop around the corner from Afaria. Just named by Le Chef magazine as tremplin de l'année (one to watch), Delage is indeed being heavily followed.

With a review like that...who would not want to try Jadis?

(Sorry, that I do not have a photo of the dinning room for the atmosphere shot. The dinning room was packed with customers. The French have a paranoia of having their photo taken without their permission. There was an article where someone's photo was used for pornography; so now every French is scared that their photo will be used in pornography. Go figure!!!)

We took the menu. The starter was Paris ham with white asparagus. A very simple starter but with intense flavours. All the ingredients were fresh and each one had its distinctive character in terms of texture and taste. Nicely put together.

The wine that accompanied our meal was a 2008 Domaine Richaud. At first it was closed and had a strange nose. But after a few minutes in the glass it opened up to be a very nice wine. It went very well with our meal.

The second dish was chicken liver pate. The chicken liver was so full of flavour, it was rich and soft.. It just melted in your mouth like ice-cream.

The main course was duck fillet with morels. The duck fillet was outstanding in taste & texture. Cooked perfectly and cut like butter. The morels were so so good. A great combination.

The first dessert was exotic fruit salad. A simple way to wash your palette and at the same time give pleasant taste of tangy, sour and sweet. Very nice.

The second dessert was a medley of lemon desserts. Lemon tart, lemon jelly & lemon ice-cream. All having different colour, texture and intensity of lemon. What a brilliant idea. It was very freshening in terms of taste.

We are so happy that we listened to our instincts as well as listening to all the fantastic reviews of Jadis. This for sure will be one of the 'bistro' on every one's list to either try or return to. The service is very friendly and efficient. The wine list has a very nice selection that is affordable. AND the food is outstanding. We for sure will be back.


208 Rue de la Croix Nivert, Paris
01 45 57 73 20

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