Sunday, April 04, 2010


We had friends who were going to take a late flight returning to Luxembourg after their long holiday in Thailand. They always want to eat at Hanako, one of their favourite Japanese restaurants in Bangkok. We never mind because it is a very good restaurant.

I really like the decor and ambiance of Hanako. It does not try too hard but it has an authentic feel, look and aesthetics for me. They use dark colours such as chocolates, browns, beiges and blacks. The lights are dim giving it a more dramatic effect and the lay out of the restaurant is very interesting due to the different levels and dinning areas.

The first dish was sashimi. The sashimi at Hanako is always so fresh and tasty. A good selection of various fish. Always beautifully presented and it was a nice portion to share for four people.

The next dish was California maki. We do like all types of maki. My friends ordered the California maki which has avocado on the top. I normally like this maki but I really really really hate mayonnaise and I was turned off by the sight of all that mayonnaise on the lovely maki. Oh well, I will have to order this maki next time without all that disgusting mayonnaise.

The next dish was tekka maki. The tuna maki is also another favourite of ours. So simple, yet so yummy. The tuna was fresh, the rice cooked perfectly and had good moisture, and the seaweed was moist.

The next dish was Hanako maki. A lovely maki with tons of texture, colours and flavours. A visual and tasteful pleasure for the senses.

The next dish was hamaguri sakamushi. Clams in sake. A very simple and gentle dish. Just very light tastes from the fresh clams and the sake make for a lovely broth. The combination is amazing.

The next dish was dobin mushi. Another simple soup with light tasting broth with mushrooms and a fish fillet. Very nice.

The next dish was ebi tempura. As I love fried foods, I cannot resist ordering the shrimp tempura. Hanako's tempura is always deep friend perfectly to a golden brown, the very large shrimps are always tender and moist.

The next dish was miso eggplant. A very unique dish and it is not found in all Japanese restaurants in town. A fresh eggplant grilled and topped with a miso sauce. The eggplant had a smokey flavour, was soft & tender and the miso sauce added a lovely flavour.

The bottom level of the restaurant where the sushi bar is located and to the right side is the grilling station for many of the wonderful Japanese dishes to be prepared.

The entrance to the restaurant is a lovely & beautiful Zen Japanese garden with water, stones, sand and an immaculately trimmed plants & trees.

Overall, a lovely place to have dinner. The restaurant is beautiful, the service is very good and the food is wonderful. There is parking and valet service. The prices are a bit expensive but it is comparable to most Japanese restaurants around the area of Thong Lo.

Soi Thong Lo 13, Soi 55, Sukhumvit Rd, Khlong Tan Nua, Watthana, Bangkok, 10110

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