Monday, April 19, 2010

La Régalade (Paris, France)

We have not been to Le Régalade for a long time; it was time to return to one of the first bistros I went to in Paris many years ago. It is still a very popular bistro. Actually, too busy. We reserved our table for 21:30, but we did not get our table until 22:15.

When we arrived every single chair was taken and people standing waiting for table as well. We think the bistro had crammed too many people into a very small space. Every single space was taken that the staff had difficulty passing through to serve the food.

La Régalade was the first bistro I went to that served a terrine of pate on your table and let you eat as much as you want. I thought it was a great idea then and I still think its a great idea now. The only problem is that; the pate is so good that I cannot stop eating it.

The first starter was a dish of morel mushrooms. The morels tasted amazing and had a nice texture. The sauce was hearty, creamy and rich. A lovely seasonal dish and worth the extra supplement.

The second starter was carpaccio of beet root topped with an poached egg. The carpaccio of beet root was sliced so thin you could see through them and they had such an intense taste. The egg added a lovely extra flavour. Really yummy.

The wine that accompanied the wine was 2007 Chateau du Hureau. A surprise and really nice wine that started opening up after a couple minutes in the glass.

The first main course was ventrêche de porc (pork belly with crispy skin). The pork was so tender & moist. The skin was crispy & chewy. The lentils and the sauce that accompanied the pork was very tasty as well. A truly hearty and delicious dish.

The second main course was joue de boeuf (beef cheeks). The beef cheeks melted in our mouth. The sauce was thick & rich. The accompanying seasonal vegetables were tender and added lovely colour and texture to the dish. Outstanding dish.

The first dessert was a medley of strawberries. We could not believe how sweet the fresh strawberries were. A really lovely dessert. I do love it when it is strawberry season.

The second dessert was rice pudding with caramel sauce. Since I am addicted to rice; I needed to satisfy my craving. I took the rich & creamy rice pudding with the thick & sweet caramel sauce. The combination was made in heaven. So so good.

Overall; La Régalade is still a very nice bistro. The food is still hearty, rustic, authentic and very delicious. Though the staff is over whelmed with the number customers crammed into the dinning room but they still remain calm, helpful and friendly.

Avenue Jean Moulin
75014 Paris
01 45 45 68 58

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