Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Secret Wine Tasting @ La Terrasse du Mimosa (Montpeyroux, France)

Every second Monday at La Terrasse du Mimosa, there is a secret wine tasting. The rule of the game is that every one who joins has to bring a secret wine he/ she wants the other guests to try. It is a fun way of learning and tasting wines from all over the world.

Anyone can guess what the country, year, grape/ variety, region, wine maker, etc. It brings up discussions. It amazes some people that some can guess correctly and some can get it so wrong. It is a very popular event know at La Terrasse du Mimosa.

Many types of people attend this wine tastings; from wine makers, to chefs, to wine lovers, to foodies, etc. It is also a fun way to meet new people from the town and near by areas.

I will just be listing down all the wines that were brought for the secret tasting. Some were a hit and some were big misses. Some people guess correctly and some wine we could not even guess at all.

Gris Prestige 2009 Domain Regina and Koehler Rupred 2007 Riesling

2009 Clos des Clapisses and 2008 Mas du Pountil.

Bernard Humbrecht Riesling and Birghan Schneckenberg Pinot Gris

Ortega Fraser Valley 1993 and Il Calenpino Bianco.

Rasteau Cote du Rhone Village 2005 and Mas Jullien Nature 2006.

Chateau Chasse-Spleen 1979.

There were a group of Italians at the wine tasting and one of the reason they were there was to show everyone that the French have been making Carbonara wrong all this time. There is never any cream in Carbonara. So, one of the Italians (who is a chemistry professor at the univesity in Montpellier) was very kind to offer to make the real Italian Carbonara for our dinner.

The freshly made Carbonara with penne tasted really really yummy. The pasta was cooked perfectly and the Carbonara sauce was so tasty. Now; everyone at the wine tasting knows how to make the real Carbonara.

The wines that we drank with the carbonara was Mas des Chimeres 1999 and Divem 2006.

The dessert was orange & honey cake and pear & chocolate triangles. I absolutely loved the orange & honey cake. So seasonal and so tasty with the orange & honey and loads of texture with the almonds.

We did taste a lot of wines that evening. But it was a fun time with good pasta, wines and company.

23 Place l'Horloge
34150 Montpeyroux
04 67 44 49 80

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Graham said...

Seems I missed a fine tasting - I didn't come at the last minute due to the rain. At least there was a great attendance and thanks for the post.