Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rose Bakery (Paris, France)

We met our friend in the Le Marais for lunch. Since it was Le Marais, a Saturday, a beautiful sunny day in Paris and no reservations for a restaurant in the area. It was difficult to find a place to eat for lunch. We decided to walk around and remembered that one of the most talked about places right now in Paris is the Rose Bakery. We decided to try our luck and get a table.

There are no reservations at Rose Bakery and we were lucky; we only had to wait about 15 minutes for a table.

I found this article in by Rebeca Seal. She has perfectly described what I thought the first time I went to Rose Bakery. My initial thoughts was..."What is an English bakery doing in Paris? Especially, when the French pride themselves making the best pastries in the world?" Well here is the answer....

It might seem that setting up an English bakery in Paris would be mad, a certain failure. Surely a city stuffed with patisseries full of perfect little tartes au citron is hardly in need of Eccles cakes? Not so, as it turns out, and as Rose Carrarini (who is English) and her husband Jean-Charles (who is French) have proved. They opened Rose Bakery in Paris in 2002, which, in addition to selling a dazzling selection of salads and organic store-cupboard goodies, is also stacked full of chocolate brownies, sponges, carrot cakes and crumbles and teas in enamel tins. From the beginning they've had queues out of the door.

Rose was terrified when they arrived. 'Everyone thought, she's from the UK. What can they possibly have to tell us about food? Their bakery will only last three months. But actually they've become deeply complacent here. Historically, the French have an amazing culinary reputation, but they're not making an effort any longer. If you look at the places where you go for lunch, it's still all about steak frites and nothing else.'

(you can read the whole article in the guardian website)

The first dish was ordered was a mix salads of the day. Which comprised of beet salad, penne & eggplant salad, carrot salad, potato & mushroom salad and fresh radishes. Lovely tastes, colours and textures. This could be a meal in itself.

The next dish was the quiche of the day. The olive quiche was made nicely. It was moist and juicy and the pastry was flaky. It was very yummy.

The next dish was risotto of green peas & mint. I have to say...WOW. The intense flavour of mint was great. The texture from the rice & peas was a nice combination. This dish was a hit with us.

The next dish was the hamburger with polenta fries. The hamburger was cooked perfectly to a medium. The meat was moist and juicy. The taste was very nice. I like the idea of polenta fries; but mine were over fried that they became too chewy. But non-the-less, it was still good. I think its great that Parisians are taking a huge liking to hamburgers.

Our drinks were a mixture of for fresh carrot & ginger. Spicy, sweet and tangy. Not only healthy but amazingly fresh and tasty.

The first dessert was a mix fruit crumble. The wonderful flavours of the exotic fruits was so good. I normally hate the crumble that most restaurants use because it just tastes awful. Not at Rose Bakery. It was buttery, flaky and tasted very nice. It mixed well with the fruit.

The next dessert was a tower carrot cake. I was very disappointed only with one thing with the carrot cake. It was too dry. The density was good and the taste was lovely. Too bad about the dryness. But, I am sure I will be back to give it another chance.

The bakers are constantly on the move baking fresh pastries, quiches, etc. It looked so good that I wanted to try everything they were making.

The case that show cased all the lovely and yummy pastries and savoury dishes like the quiche.

This is a really fresh idea for Paris and I fully enjoyed it. I am very happy that Rose Bakery is bringing a new dimension to food and pastry to Paris. I also believe the Parisians are also looking for it and welcoming it with full arms open. You can tell by the very very long queues every time you pass Rose Bakery.

The Rose Bakery in Le Marais is the second one in Paris. Warning; there is no sign on the street. You will probably pass it, unless you notice the long queue of people waiting for either take away for a table.

30 Rue Debelleyme, Paris
01 44 78 08 97

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