Tuesday, April 20, 2010

MBC (Paris, France)

It was a beautiful day in Paris and we wanted to walk to a restaurant for lunch instead of driving. We chose MBC because it is near to our place and that it has really good food as reasonable prices. Chef Gilles Choukroun has become a very popular chef with his simple, creative and delicious food.

We did not make a reservation but luckily we got a table. The place was full with people who worked in the area. The one good thing about MBC is that you do not get the tourists; but he locals who know about good food.

The decor is difficult to explain. It definately is not your typical bistro decor. The main colours are purple, gray, black and orange. Strange combination but somehow they all fit well with each other. The furniture is modern and the decor is a combination of retro, something similar to Philippe Starck and arty with modern art on the wall.

The first starter was a salad with haddock. The dish had lots of texture and colours coming from the variety of salads and the haddock. The haddock was thinly sliced and had a slight chewy texture.

The second starter was a beef tartar with Thai dressing. A really good dish. The beef tartar came in thin slices. The beef was so tasty and fresh. The Thai dressing added so much flavour to the beef and the side salad.

The first main dish was a dorade sébaste. The fish was very fresh and a big portion. The fish was cooked nicely and had a firm texture. A nice light cream sauce added the right flavours to the fish and accompanying side of potatoes.

The second main dish was a steak with black pepper. The beef was very tough. I actually got tired of chewing. However; the beef itself did taste very good and the black pepper sauce was very yummy. The accompanying dish was mash potato with dijon mustard; that was very good

The service started out bad because there were only two staff in the restaurant and the place was packed. However; after a few minutes; they noticed that we were not getting served and we were getting annoyed, that thing got better. The staff are very friendly. The food is really simple yet good and affordable. Its always good to have a place like MBC next to your home for simple and good food.

4 4, rue du Débarcadère - 75017 Paris
01 45 72 22 55

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