Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Petite Accolade (Paris, France)

We were still stuck in Paris...but it was another beautiful day in Paris and we decided to have lunch near our place because we had to go to the L'Opera area to the Qatar Airways office to check on our flight status and if there was any news about the European airports opening.

We actually wanted to try a Vietnamese restaurant near our place that had good reviews. When we found it and we looked at the lunch menu, we thought it was too expensive for what it was. We crossed the street and found L'Accolade. L'Accolade is suppose to be a really good bistro and has tons of good reviews; for example go see the Le Fooding 2010 issue (we for sure will try L'Accolade on our next trip to Paris). But we wanted something more simple and next to L'Accolade was A Petite Accolade. Its L'Accolade's take away or sit in place for simple hot dishes, salads, soups, sandwiches, desserts, etc.

The space is small and long. To order; there is a colour concept (which at first was confusing for us); for example: yellow means one hot dish, green means a starter plus a hot dish, etc. We took the colour that means a starter, hot dish & a beverage. You choose the hot dish which is displayed in the back and the rest of the salads, soups, desserts, etc. are in the case in the photo.

The first starter was lentil soup. The soup was rich, thick and had a nice flavour.

The first main course was chicken with leaks & carrots. A hearty portion. The chicken was tender, juicy and tasted good. The rice soaked up the rich sauce and was tasty as well.

The second starter was avocado & salmon. The avocado & salmon was pretty good. The savoury & creaminess of the avocado with the tasty chunkiness of the salmon was a good mix.

The second main dish was beef lasagna. The place was very busy with office workers; so somewhere along the way, they forgot about my lasagna. I had to remind them that my main dish did not arrive. They were very friendly about it and apologized. The lasagna was made well; good pasta & cheese and the beef sauce was chunky, rich and flavourful. A good sized portion. It was a tad cold in the middle still but I was too lazy to ask them to re-heat it.

We were really surprised how busy A Petite Accolade was with office workers and people around the neighborhood. The place had a basic decor to it, nothing special and it had an easy going and friendly atmosphere. Now we have another easy going, inexpensive and good place for lunch near our place. No doubt the simple food is good here due to the chef of L'Accolade.

23 Rue Guillaume Tell
75017 Paris
01 47 6307 01