Monday, April 26, 2010

Yuu Nguan

There is basically NOTHING to eat near my office. I really mean NOTHING! We simply are in the middle of no where. So; everyday during lunch time, there is an exodus of people & cars leaving our office to have lunch. Lucky for us; that there are very famous sois with amazing food near by our office (too far to walk to).

One of those famous soi is St. Louis (soi Sathorn 13). There is so much choice in food that we are spoiled for choice. Today; we all decided we wanted noodles, so one of the best places for that is Yuu Nguan. Like the majority of restaurant on soi St. Louis; they are all very basic with no air-conditioning, no special decor or no atmosphere. What is important is the food.

Yuu Nguan is popular for its noodles. The combination of the different type of noodles and toppings is endless. I will give you some examples of what we had.

The first dish was bamee haeng (egg noodles...dry, no soup) with fish ball, pork ball, fresh pork, fish sausage & fried pork ball (all the soups have the same toppings).

Yuu Nguan's very yummy home made deep fried wontons. Very crispy outside and the pork filling very tasty and moist. The wonton was not oily or greasy which is a good thing.

The next dish was sen lek (small rice noodle) with tom yum.

The next dish was fish roll in clear soup.

The next dish was bamee with yen-tah-foe sauce (egg noodle with fermented red soy bean sauce with no soup).

The next dish was woon sen tom yum (glass noodles with tom yum).

The fresh fried fish sausages and pork balls.

The open kitchen where the soup experts make the soup to order in front of everyone.

You cannot miss Yuu Nguan. It is by far the largest bamee restaurants on St. Louis as well as it is right next to this Chinese temple. If you look for the temple; you for sure will find this very yummy place for noodle soup.

238/1 soi St. Louis (soi Sathorn 13)
Bangkok 10120
02 286 0004

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