Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cappuccino Crema & Caffe (Barcelona, Spain)

After having breakfast at Cafe Bobu. We went for a walk and to our surprise our favourite cafe was open. We walked in and saw all the beautiful sandwiches with pata negra ham that we decided to have a second breakfast.

We know Cappuccino Crema & Caffe because we used to stay at a hotel one minute walk away. We used to go to Cappuccino every morning for breakfast when we stayed there. Cappuccino is huge; I cannot even guess how many tables they have and how many stools around the very long cafe bar they have. However; no matter how busy the place is with people, there is always a place to sit down for a coffee.

Cafe latte. The one noticeable thing at Cappuccino is the very quick service and the very low prices compared to other cafes. I cannot understand why anyone would go to Starbucks in Barcelona (there are a few) when you can get better coffee at a lower prices.

The beautiful sandwiches that called us into to Cappuccino. I actually blame those sandwiches for making us have a second breakfast. But, it was so so good! Fresh crunchy baguette filled with melting pata negra ham.

Another look at the different sandwiches and pastries as well as the quick staff.

A really good place for breakfast. But they serve all day so you can have their very good sandwiches and coffees.

This was our last meal in Barcelona. After breakfast, we walked back to the hotel to get the car and drive back to Montpeyroux. Good bye Barcelona...until next time.

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i visited in september 2010 no good capuccino, no good briosches and no good service there are many other bar in barcellona