Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fuxia L'Epicerie (Paris, France)

We did not know where to have lunch but one thing we had to do was go to Charles-de-Gaule airport to check on our flight status back to Bangkok due to the chaos of Volcanic ash. It was totally impossible to talk to a real person instead of machines to find out any information about the airport closure/ opening as well from our airline Qatar Airways.

So; we decided to go somewhere near our place, park the car and walk until we see something interesting. We found Fuxia, an Italian restaurant that also specializes in Italian cheeses & hams and other Italian foods & wines.

The first dish was salmon, spinach, eggplant lasagna. The lasagna was very good. A large portion with loads of colours, textures and tastes. It was very hearty and filling.

The next dish was veal piccata with pasta. The veal piccata was also very good. The veal was was a bit salty but that was due to the parma ham. Overall; the food had very good and fresh ingredients and well prepared.

The service at Fuxia was horrible. The waitress for our area was walking too fast and slipped on the side walk and was slightly hurt so another waitress took our order. After several minutes the waitress who fell down on her behind came over to us and asked us if we ordered. We thought this was weird but we told her, her colleague already took our order several minutes ago. Another fifteen minutes passed by and the same waitress came over and asked us again if we are sure we ordered. So, for sure there was something strange going on. Our food did not arrive for almost 40 minutes and the waitress is asking if we ordered again. We finally went inside to check if they forgot to order the food because we were ready to walk out. Both waitress said that the food was on its way. However; we noticed that the people who entered the restaurant after us already had their food. They forgot our order because of the fiasco of one waitress falling down and the other one did not communicate with the other that the order was already taken.

After 45 minutes we got our food. Lucky for them the food turned out to be good.

91 avenue Raymond-Poincaré
75116 Paris
01 45 00 46 80

After lunch we drove out to Charles-de-Gaulle airport terminal 1 to talk to Qatar Airways. When we arrived; the airport was deserted. It was like out of a science fiction movie where human kind disappeared. It was very strange. The arrival hall absolutely silent where normally it is chaos.

The waiting area of the arrival hall.

No one; I am the sole human being.

Lufthansa Airlines sitting alone on the tarmac with its engines wrapped in plastic so no Volcanic ash can enter.

The departure terminal of terminal 2.

Wow, I actually found human beings in terminal 2. There were two passport control officers sitting in their booths bored to death.

We did find people at Qatar Airways who told us that they did not have any information yet and that we could go to their office in Paris the next day to check on the status of our flight and opening of the European airports.

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