Saturday, April 10, 2010

Maison Bru (Eygalières, France)

It was a stunningly beautiful day in the south of France; lucky for us because we wanted to drive around and pick up some wines. We needed to pick up wines in Eygalières. Lucky for us one of the best restaurants in the area is as well there. It is a 2 starred Michelin restaurant and it is called Maison Bru.

Due to the lovely sunny day, we decided to sit outside on the terrace facing the huge garden. The decor is modern terrace furniture made with silver arm & legs and the main colours are subtle greys, whites & beiges. It blends very well with the natural surroundings.

The waitress brings out tasting bread sticks with some dips.

To get our palate ready for the lunch; the waitress also brings out some olives, tepanade and salmon roll topped with sesame seeds.

The amuse bouche was lamb brains in a tar-tar sauce and a loup-de-mer with oyster duc sel.

The next dish was homard blanchi, asperges du Pays marinées au Yuzu
Crème d’avocats parfumée au curry (lobster with marinated asparagus, avocado & curry cream). We could not believe the composite of textures, colours and flavours. The flavours from the avocado & curry creams were so rich & intense. The lobsters was so fresh & tasty. The asperagus was so light. An amazing start to our lunch.

The next dish was thon rouge mi-cuit au gingembre confit
Radis noir et concombre au mirin (tuna with candied ginger, black radish and marinated cucumber). The tuna was almost like good. The accompanying sauces just added wonderful flavours.

The next dish was bar de ligne poêlé à la crème d’asperges, ravioles de pommes de terre
A l’Omo Ibérique et parmesan (turbo with cream asperagus, potato ravioli and l'omo Iberique & parmesan). The turbo was cooked perfectly that the fish was moist & tender. The rich & intense flavours of the asperagus cream and ravioli were spectacular.

The next dish was carré et selle d’agneau de lait des Pyrénées pané
caviar d’aubergines et fleur provençale (lamb chops with eggplant caviar). The lamb was so tender with so much flavour from the herbs of the area. The creamy eggplant caviar has so much flavour. A nice combination.

The next dish was chariot de fromages (dish trolley).

The first dessert was bonbon de citron parfumé à la framboise et au martini
agrumes marinés et glace basilic (candied lemon, candied rasberries, and basil ice cream).

The next dessert was barre chocolatée aux noisettes et rhum farcie d’un tartare de bananes, crème pralinée (chocolate with hazelnut, rum & banana & praline tartare). A lovely and light dessert with so much flavours.

To accompany the coffee: lemon tarts, madelines, marshmallows and truffles. One of my favourite pastries are madeleines. A very simple pastry but I seldom find one that I like. Oh boy, did I find ones that I liked...Maison Bru's madeleines were so crispy on the outside but so tender and flavourful on the inside. I was so full but I had to eat both. My friend at both lemon tarts which had such intense lemon taste.

In the garden are two cow statues. Art in the garden. Very nice for the eyes.

The restaurant is in a converted Mas. An elegant house with thick stones typical of the area.

We had an absolutely delicious lunch with an amazing ambiance at Maison Bru. Chef Wout's cuisine is beautifully presented, well thought out and very light. Chef Wout really understands the ying yang of cooking. We noticed that all the dishes we had, had the right balance between warm and cold, textures from soft & crispy, flavours of sweet, sour, tangy & acidity as well as the mix of colours. He would be the most brilliant Asian chef.

Chef Wout is also a very friendly person; he took the time to come to our table and we had a short discussion with him about wine and food.

The only negative comment I can give is about the staff. Though the staff were skillful at presenting and explaining the dishes; they were not discreet in many other ways. One example; a waitress went into the wine storage/ cabin to get a bottle of wine; when she left the wine cabin, she slammed the door so hard that not only did it disturb us but the door did not shut properly and the door was left open. After a several minutes; the same waitress came back and slammed the door again (several times because it would not shut) and thought it was so funny that she laughed to the other staff. This is NOT the behaviour from the staff at a 2 star Michelin. It was childish and disrespectful to the customers.

Rue de la République 13810 Eygalières -
04 32 61 92 97

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