Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Au Chaudron Catalan (Canet Plage, France)

On our drive back to France; we tried to have lunch at a 3 star Michelin restaurant. We tried our luck to call and to reserve a table. A Sunday, a 3 star Michelin restaurant and we wanted a table in about an hour. Everything was going against us. Of course we could not get a table; it was fully booked.

So, we decided to drive the scenic route along the sea and ended up in a very touristic town called Canet Plage. We drove slowly and saw that there were several restaurants opened, we parked the car and wanted to see what our choices were. There was a pizzeria & several restaurants specializing in seafood. But we decided to have lunch at a place that had the most customers and they specialized in mouled de bouchots.

It was a stunningly beautiful day and everyone was sitting outside on the terrace. We did the same.

The first dish was the house specialty; moule de bouchots. The mussels were very fresh and tasted very good. The simple broth of white wine with onions was very good as well. The frites maison that accompanied the moules were oily and limp. But my friend said the frites tasted good.

The second dish was paella mixte. I saw a man eating this dish and it looked really good. The portion was large. The paella was cooked very nicely and the seafood and spicy sausage tasted good. This was not the best paella in the world but it was tasty and hearty. However; it was on the very oily side. A huge puddle of oil was left on the plate after I finished the rice. Yuck.

The owner/ manager/ waitress; the all in one super woman who took our order was very friendly but she was scary. She was built like a truck driver and she was recently shaven. I am actually embarrassed that she had more facial hair than I had.

Au Chaudron Catalan did not have the best food in France but the place was decent, easy going and friendly. A nice atmosphere with the view of the ocean.

The beautiful view of the ocean.

10 Promenade de la Cote Radieuse
66140 Canet Plage
04 68 73 70 44


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