Friday, April 02, 2010

Wine Connection Wine Shop & Bistro

Another lifestyle mini mall opened on Sukhumvit soi 26 called K-Village. We decided to go there for lunch and try out the new Wine Connection Cafe. Wine Connection has been in Thailand for years as a wine distributor/ shop. This is their first venture into food so we were very curios to what they were doing.

The cafe is very impressive in terms of size and volume. Believe me its huge! It is a combination of deli shop, pastry shop, cafe & wine shop. They have a huge selection of cheeses, various charcuterie and pastries to choose from from one side and the huge wine selection is on the other side of the restaurant. There are huge windows that allow natural light into the restaurant.

The decor is simple with wooden chairs and tables. They use lots of wood, steel, stone and concrete and the main colours are browns, blues and reds.

The first dish was salad nicoise. A nice portion with a generous serving of tuna, potato & egg. The salad dressing was light but had a good taste.

The next dish was quiche lorraine. The quiche was not bad at all, a huge portion and it had a very nice texture and taste. What I did not like was the crust (but I am just too picky). The dough was too flaky and it was tasted almost industrial like.

The lemonades are enormous (a good thing) and very tasty. Loads of lemon tastes and not too sweet.

The next dish was a steak. This must be the best bargain in town in terms of quality & value for money. The price of this dish was only 290 baht for a 200 gram steak with salad and large potato wedges. The steak was of very good quality, it was tender & juicy. The only problem we had was that the potato wedges were not cooked all the way through. We asked the waiter to re-cook the potatoes but instead they insisted to re-do the whole dish again. Incredible attention to service. The re-done dish turned out to be so much better.

After the we finished our lunch, the manager came over to apologise for the potato incident and offered us dessert. We chose the apple tarte and we accompanied it with cappuccinos. The apple tarte was huge and it was very yummy.

The wine shop.

The entrance to the restaurant.

Overall, a very nice place for lunch. The food is pretty good, the service is good and the prices are very reasonable. Wince Connection has a winner here in terms of adding something good to Bangkok. The concept is already popular because every time I go to K-Mall, the place is very busy with people.

The only strange thing about the place and it is the only place that has happened to us (ever) in Bangkok. We asked for mustard to accompany the steak dish. When the bill arrived, they added 10 baht to the bill. It is not the 10 baht that is the problem, its just a strange idea to charge your customers for something like mustard (I have no idea if they charge for ketchup), which is a normal side sauce that every restaurant in town offers. Sometimes, being greedy is not worth it!

93,95, K-Village Room A116-118,
Soi Aree (Sukhumvit26), Sukhumvit Road,
Klongton, Klongtoey, Bangkok, 10110
Tel. 02 234 0388


prad said...

The food is ok, reasonable price, pretty much like the author said.

HOWEVER, the service fails big time!

I will not go into details but it was too bad we decided to call the manager. Believe it or not, he didn't even bother to come. We waited for about an hour.

I guess we didn't look important for them. The author may be a Farang? (sorry, not being racist just to be sarcastic)

prayer.t said...

service depends on how busy they are. right now this place seems like it's "the hip place to be" which sort of reduces its appeal. hard to get a table at night.

but overall i'd say good value, good simple food, and generally nice wines.

drabbleman127 said...

It would be nice if the people who make comments could write English and new anything about food and wine,

Math El said...

just came back from there, seriously disappointed... food was crap, the cheese tastes like plastic, probably some cheap australian industrial cheese, the mash potato smelled bad, I didnt event touch it, the onion soup was just plain dish washing water boiled with onions in it and some old piece of bread... their supposedly "premium" wine was not good (funny for a "wine bar").... and like someone said here, we wanted to complain but no one dared to come. when the chef finally showed up they didnt even cancel the dishes we complained about and didnt eat but instead added things we didnt order. when they finally agreed to give us a discount they made a mistake on the bill and overcharged us again. we had to go through three credit card payment operations before we could finally leave the place, and no one said sorry... some people really need to read the basics of restaurant business... it's not that hard here in BK to run great restaurants!