Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Somtum Plus

There is a small som tum restaurant near my office and when we have the time we love going there for our lunch break. We call it the hi-so som tum place because it is air-conditioned (but it never works and it is always so hot in the restaurant), and it cost a little bit more than eating som tum on the side walk. But, the food is so good that we cannot resist going to Somtum Plus.

The restaurant is on the second floor in a mini-complex where there is also a Wawee coffee shop, a Thai restaurant and a car wash. The restaurant is very small and has an open kitchen where you can see the cooks making all the yummy Issan food. The decor is very simple with colourful wooden chairs and tables.

The first dish was grilled chicken. Moist, tender and juicy. Very nice.

The next dish was raw shrimp with herbs and spices. The shrimps were fresh and the shrimps were very tasty with the combination of herbs, lime and fish sauce. I really liked this dish.

The next dish was deep fried pork larb. A very unique dish that I seldom get at other som tum places. It has a very nice crispy outer shell and is soft and moist inside. Loads of flavours.

The next dish was Issan sausage wrapped with bacon. Very flavourful but I am sure very awful for my cholesterol level.

The next dish was deep fried chicken wings. The chicken wings are small (which is a good thing0, very crunchy and so good to nibble on. I cannot stop eating those little things.

The next dish was chicken larb. So tasty that I could just eat this dish everyday. On top of it, it is also very healthy.

The next dish was grilled beef. The beef was tender and juicy. When dipped into the sauce that accompanies the beef; this dish was just delicious.

The next dish was som tum Thai. Who would not love a perfectly made som tum. The som tum had the right balance of tangy, sour, sweet and acidity. Tons of textures and flavours. Wonderful.

The next dish was grilled pork salad. Another great dish that looked simple but had so much flavour.

The next dish was som tum crab. This is the only dish I did not touch because I do not like som tum with preserved crab. I have friends who cannot resist eating this dish, but they always get sick from eating it. I guess, some things are worth suffering for.

The next dish was pork larb. Another very yummy and healthy dish. The ground pork mixed with herbs and spices is magical.

The next dish was Issan sausage. I do like the tangy taste of the grilled preserved Issan sausage. There is really nothing like it and its just so so good.

The next dish was Mama noodle pork salad. If you live in Thailand you would know what Mama noodles are; and they really make a good salad. The noodles already have a nice flavour to them, so when used in a salad, mixed with herbs & spices. It turns out to be a very nice dish.

The next dish was grilled beef salad. I really need to learn how to make these dishes. The beef was nicely grilled and mixed with herbs & spices. Out of this world.

The open kitchen where they make all the fantastic tasting food. It's amazing what comes out of that small kitchen.

Overall, a very very good restaurant to have Issan food. We always eat so much that we roll out of the place. There is normally 10 of us eating at Somtum Plus and the bill comes out to be around 250 baht per person. That tells you that we are eating way too much. But... we cannot resist the very yummy food. Highly recommended.

8/11 2nd Floor, De Forest Mall
Nanglynchee Road (between Nanglynchee Soi 2 and Soi 4)
Thungmahamek, Sathorn, Bangkok 10120
Mob : 083 224 7777

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